Ongoing Support Commitment

Our support commitment comes in a number of levels

Stage 1 Support - After the initial system roll out, we are committed to providing your streaming platform ongoing support.  During our system roll out, we install a remote connection device and our first line of support is to use this remote log in access to test the health of the streaming system attached to your AV set up.  Common problems such as not setting the event up properly and other system health checks can be dealt with remotely. 

Stage 2 Support - Where a problem exists with AV Hardware, we will come out to your Chapel and conduct further testing and deliver support as required.  Please note that this is delivered in partnership with Audio Vision, or alternatively we can work in alongside your current AV provider.

Internet Support - During our system 'roll outs' we check and test that your internet connection is suitable to meet the needs of our system we do understand that on occasion connectivity can be lost or found faulty,  Please note that where we have identified that your internet connection is causing the issue then we should be able to identify this from our remote access and you will be required to contact your local provider for support.

Viewing Support - Families using the service have several tiers of support.  Firstly they have access to a test page which provides them the ability to test the stream of a service from their location and device.  Secondly, they have access to a 'Help Center' for further advice and support articles. 

Last modified on Jan 2, 2019